Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 things women want

  1. Speak from your heart and touch with the inner soul because its like preparing koobi stew. A pinch of salt is perfect but too much ruins the whole dish.
  2. The word okay and fine are never considered as the appropriate answer any time she asks you how she looks.
  3. Don't ever believe her when she says she would rather prefer you break up with her than cheat... it is never true.
  4. Make sure you introduce her as your girlfriend any time you meet a friend if you don't want to be "BROWNED" or blackmailed at night.
  5. Make sure you play with her hair but not when she is all dressed up and stepping out.
  6. Just look in her eyes and smile just for the heck of it.
  7. Dont forget to kiss her on the forehead once you wake up next to her in the morning and note you owe her breakfast just because she slept next to you.
  8. Seek her advice because it means a lot to her.
  9. Buy her gifts even if they are not expensive and if she buys you any, make sure you tell her you love it even if you don't.
  10. Do anything they ask you to do but not everything because you are considered a sucker if everything is done and not a so caring guy when anything asked by them is not done. sounds confusing huh?