Thursday, October 21, 2010

naked truth about money!

деньги (russian), soldi (italian),钱 (chinese), l'argent(french) is wat it is being called in their various countries. An online dictionary defines money as a medium that can be exchanged for goods and services and is used as a measure of their values on market but i was taught in school as the most common medium of exchange and functions as a legal tender. If it functions as a legal tender then why do we say it can't buy happiness? anyways, am willing to rent happiness if i can't buy it plus how come i smile anytime i cop that fresh pair of sneakers from the mall? how come i can't help but find pleasure in throwing parties? how come i feel the opposite of happiness when i lost my benz? how come i feel good about myself when i donate to the church and the needy? if money can't buy happiness, how come her family folks keep asking where it is you stay and what car you drive? infact, have you ever wondered what joy it would bring that special person in your life a proposal right from the eiffel tower whiles you put that priceless blink on her finger? If you say money doesn't bring happiness then i believe both poverty and wealth have also failed. I agree with you if you say money ain't shit because it sure isn't human waste and doesn't come in a form of diarrhoea or ( just being my silly self). I agree money isn't the most important thing in the world because love is and fortunately, i just love money. For my peeps, i say love last as long as the money endures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was nauseous and tingly the first time i asked her to be my girl on phone and i was very sure it wasn't chickenpox. she agreed and the next big question was how we were going to survive the long distance. The thought of her not being around meant a lot to me than the presence of others. we been through it and was almost one year down the relationship without seeing her (cam from yahoo messenger and skype doesnt count). Was left with just a month and a half to go when we argued and almost left us apart. Its true what they say about love. it is more like war because it is easy starting it but trust me, ending it is hard! I wasn't ready to let her go eventhough my heart felt heavy filled with hate, anger and negativity. the funny thing is i read a line from a compilation of sayings from one of shakespears that read and i quote,'a light heart lives long.' love really kills, doesn't it? we however worked it through like we always do and thanks to phyllis diller, i never want to go to bed mad. i prefer staying up and fighting instead. i fight nothing but the problem.its evident that my love for you can't be hidden like a cough as well as poverty. this isn't a blog, it's the story of love, the story of the survival of two love birds. infact, it's the story of our lives